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Through the sale of my art, and where I'm able to, I like to give back to organisations and initiatives raising awareness for important issues.

Below you'll see how the support that you've generously given me by purchasing my work has allowed me to pay forward part of the proceeds to some great causes. THANK YOU!


Kat Barrell x Shifting Gears Charity Print - Total amount raised:
£620 / $782 USD

Magic Wheelchair

Kat_B_We_Can_Do_It 2.jpg
2023 onwards

Hb0m8 x Start the Wave

As I navigate my journey as an eco-conscious artist, I hope to create art with passion and purpose. Art that inspires connection and influences positive change.  

By choosing to be eco-conscious with my art and making that connection between creativity and sustainability, I hope that my efforts inspire others to become more aware, too. 


We are stronger together, and it’s through collaboration and connection, a shared vision, and continually learning and growing together that we can fully step into our potential as creative changemakers.  

In 2023 I began my journey with Start the Wave, collaborating to bring you some one-of-a-kind planet friendly eco merch! 

A percentage of profits from the sale of eco-merch will be donated to Start the Wave to help fund positive and impactful change. Details are given within individual product descriptions. 


Heading 2


Start the Wave - total £150/$175


October - Commissions £50/$60

$60 from the sale of commissions were donated to Start the Wave.

August - Fan Fusion £100/$115

During Fan Fusion 2022 I sold an acrylic painting featuring Dom PC to benefit Start the Wave.  The painting was sold for £100 and I was able to donate $115 - which with the conversion, worked out around the same! Special thanks to Alice for purchasing my art, and supporting Start the Wave. 

Dom PC Charity painting


Total £4318.47


British Hen Welfare Trust -  £50 

Toronto Humane Society - £525.14

Magic Wheelchair - £1385.46 

Start the Wave - £2357.87

art for good donation chart

PLEASE NOTE: Where specific sales contribute to charitable donations, this will be detailed within the shop section(s) and/or product pages of my website. Proofs of donation are always available on request.


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