creating for good causes

Each month, I'll be donating a portion of the funds generated through art sales to some wonderful causes. Here's a record of charities/good causes that I've been able to donate to so far thanks to your generous support!  To see my #hb0m8artforgood prints, go here.




TOTAL $1897.91 USD (£1373.42 AT time of exchange)


TOTAL $3042 USD (£2292.06 at time of exchange


TOTAL $872.80 CAD (£525.14 at time of exchange) 




NOV-DEC 2021 - tbc


MAGIC WHEELCHAIR- TOTAL $1897.91 USD (£1373.42 AT time of exchange)

During July and August, I put out some limited prints based on the beautiful photography of Kat Barrell, by Dennys Illic. I have been a big fan of Dennys’ work for some time, ever since I discovered him on Instagram. I reached out to Denny and asked if he would mind if I sold the prints to raise money for a good cause, and he was super gracious in allowing me to do so.

After all that Kat does for us, I thought it would be nice to give something back on her behalf, so it seemed right to ask her if she had a cause in mind that she’d like the money to go to.

Kat suggested Magic Wheelchair, a nonprofit organization that builds epic costumes for kiddos in wheelchairs, and so naturally, I had to go and read up on them right away. When I say EPIC… that somehow still doesn’t cover it - you have to go and check them out! I am obsessed! The work they are doing is AWESOME, and I'm so thankful that Kat pointed me towards them!  

I'm overjoyed to have been able to donate to this wonderful organisation, thanks to the help of the generous folk that bought prints for themselves, for giveaways and on behalf of those that couldn't do so.   These funds will go towards helping Magic Wheelchair continue to make magical memories for deserving kiddos and their families.  Check out their Instagram here.

APRIL - OCT 2021

START THE WAVE – TOTAL $3042 USD (£2292.06 at time of exchange)

Founded by Dom Provost-Chalkley, Start the Wave is a non-profit organization committed to supporting grassroots initiatives around the world, focused on creating positive and impactful change.  
Dom's commitment to compassion and kindness has been a wonderful inspiration to so many, and on a personal note, STW has been an invaluable resource in guiding me towards making my own positive changes, for which I am eternally grateful. 

As a small token of my gratitude, I decided to raise funds for Start the Wave through the sale of my art. 

THANK YOU to each and every one of you generous souls that have contributed so far! I hope you can all join me in feeling extremely proud of this one! 

If you’d like to learn more about Start the Wave, you can visit their website, Youtube channel and Instagram

@hb0m8 is not associated with, approved by or endorsed by Start the Wave – I’m just a fan and follower of their brilliant work.


TORONTO HUMANE SOCIETY TOTAL $872.80 CAD (£525.14 GBP at time of exchange)

Across GRT con weekend, I pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds from print sales to Toronto Humane Society. Thanks to all the wonderful Earpers that bought my art across the weekend, I have been able to donate a total of $872.80 CAD (£525.14 GBP at time of exchange) to help animals in need. 

THS do fantastic work rescuing and rehoming animals and providing support and services in their local community, making them a fitting and worthy recipient of Earper contributions! 

MARCH 2021


On March 26th, I put out a limited run of 10 prints depicting the hilarious chicken kicking scene in Wynonna Earp 409.  £5 from the sale of each was donated to the British Hen Welfare Trust for the rehabilitation of hens - ‘cause, although kicking a rotisserie chicken is a perfectly fine and valid way of expressing yourself, living hens deserve a full chance at a long and happy life! I’m sure Nicole would agree. 


Since 2005 the British Hen Welfare Trust has been rescuing hens from slaughter and rehoming them as pets throughout the UK – they’ve rehomed over a whopping 810,000 hens to date!

After selling all 10 prints, I was able to donate £50 on behalf of Earpers  – which is enough to save a flock of twenty hens from slaughter. That's pretty awesome. Thank you to those that participated!  HOORAY FOR HENS!

You can read more about the British Hen Welfare Trust here: www.bhwt.org.uk



PLEASE NOTE: Where print sales contribute to charitable donations, this will be detailed within the shop section and/or product pages of my website. Proofs of donation are available on request.