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Hb0m8 (or H-Bomb) is me, Hayley.  Hi!

I’m a multi-passionate-always-curious creative based in the north of England.


A good chunk of my print work is heavily influenced by inclusional feminist/queer-centric media and fandom culture.  I enjoy creating comic book style fan art that focuses on promoting and celebrating representation and raising awareness for LGBTQIA+ characters, shows and movies. (Stop cancelling queer-led shows!)

Alongside my print work, my passion for the environment and a background of 15 years working in the environmental compliance sector has led me to launch my very own planet friendly clothing line, ‘Good Effort Gang’. Combining my loves of creative expression and sustainability, I create one of a kind reworked and repurposed gender-free sustainable clothing that celebrates your right to individuality.

Where I'm able to, I like to give back to organisations and initiatives raising awareness for important social and environmental issues. I'm currently working with Start the Wave as part of their eco-merch initiative. You can read about that here

​Thank you for supporting my work - I appreciate you!

Stay curious!

Hayley (she/her)


Instagram: @hb0m8

Reworked + Repurposed / STW eco merch: @hb0m8creative

Twitter: @hayleyhb0m8

Patreon: Hb0m8

Buy me a coffee: here (thanks very much!)


For collaborations and other opportunities, please contact me

via email.


Thank you.

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