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Hb0m8 (or H-Bomb) is me, Hayley.  Hi!

I’m a Brighton based self-taught artist that likes to create things.  All of the time.

You’re probably here because of my digital fanart, (hello, Earpers!) however, not wanting to restrict my creativity to one box, I also very much enjoy experimenting with a variety of different mediums and techniques outside of the digital realm.  I hope to use my art to tell stories by capturing emotion and passion, through the exploration of colour and texture, both digitally and traditionally using use paint, collage and textiles. The collision and melding of the digital and traditional worlds is what excites me the most.

A lot of my work is heavily influenced by comic books, and celebrates my love for feminist-centric and female led TV, film and music. I’m inspired by everything. Art is everywhere!

I am constantly seeking to learn and challenge myself and am always exploring different ways of expressing myself through my art. 


Please feel assured that every single piece here has been put created with plenty of love, care, caffeine and to an awesome playlist.


​Thank you for supporting my work and allowing me to support others. #hb0m8artforgood -  I appreciate you!

Hayley (she/her)


Instagram: @hb0m8

Twitter: @hayleyhb0m8

Enquiries: hayley@hb0m8.co.uk

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For collaborations and other opportunities, please contact me via email. Thank you! 


(I also like trees)