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Hb0m8 (or H-Bomb) is me, Hayley.  Hi!

I’m a multi-passionate-always-curious creative based in the UK.


A good chunk of my print work is heavily influenced by feminist/queer-centric media and fandom culture.  I enjoy creating comic book style fan art that focuses on promoting and celebrating representation and raising awareness for LGBTQ+ characters, shows and movies. (Stop cancelling queer-led shows!)

Alongside my print work, with a passion for environmental sustainability, a background of 15 years working within the environmental sector, and a huge love for creative expression through dress, I enjoy using earth-friendly methods and materials to upcycle and repurpose pre-loved items into one of a kind wearable statement pieces.

Where I'm able to, I like to give back to organisations and initiatives raising awareness for important issues. I'm currently working with Start the Wave as part of their eco-merch initiative. You can read about that here

​Thank you for supporting my work - I appreciate you!

Stay curious!

Hayley (she/her)


Instagram: @hb0m8

Reworked + Repurposed / STW eco merch: @hb0m8creative

Twitter: @hayleyhb0m8

Patreon: Hb0m8

Buy me a coffee: here (thanks very much!)


For collaborations and other opportunities, please contact me

via email.


Thank you.

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