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February updates + Discount code!

Updated: Feb 5

New prints

Lots of new prints since my last mail out/blog post – you can find brand new Bly Manor (plus restocks of some older prints), Wynonna Earp (including 2 large A3 prints and a set of 8 x A5), Killing Eve, and in the ‘Misc TV’ section, I’ve got The Wilds, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dr Who and San Junipero for you. There may be a few other bits – I can’t remember where we were when I last gave an update.. There are also still a couple of badge packs left, but those are almost all gone.

Review and win

Conrgats to @elisjanotova – the first name picked to win a free print in my ‘review and win’ giveaway for January. The Lady in the Lake is on her way to you! For those of you that left reviews, thank you SO much, I’ve really enjoyed reading your (very lovely) feedback, and I’m so pleased you’re enjoying my art. Everyone that has left reviews so far will be included in next months draw, along with any future names. If you haven’t yet left a review, please do! (and I’ll love you forever…) the link is under the about section on my website.

Some exciting news for all you Bly Manor fans – I’m contributing alongside some fantastic artists to ‘Beneath the Weeping Willow’, a Bly Manor charity fanzine raising money for the Global Giving Covid-19 relief fund.

I’ve seen some of the art going into this project (there is a lot of it!) and let me tell you – YOU’RE GONNA LOVE IT! I can’t wait for a physical copy, and I’m excited for you lot to own one too!

Pre-orders for physical ($15) and digital ($7) copies of the zine will open March 1st-15th and can be found here:


Lately all I want to do is draw (full hibernation mode in action) but I did put some time aside recently to start work on this Wynonna Earp denim jacket (still very much a work in progress!) The plan is to make a handful of these ‘fan’ jackets for different fandoms, using my original art and put them for sale to you lovely people. The only problem I have is every time I make one, I want to keep it… I’m just gonna have to get over that. Fuck fast fashion!

Wynonna Earp pointing Peacemaker
Shit show.

February Discount code

I have extended my TACOSARETASTY discount code right up until the end of the month. It’ll get you 15% off your entire order when entered at checkout. Valid until Feb 28th.

That’s it from me. Thanks as always for the support and don’t forget to put your suggestions forward over on Instagram!

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