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Stickers, pins, patches and new prints!

I thought I’d take the opportunity now of writing a quick update whilst I avoid social media spoilers in that weird Sunday night void between the US and the UK getting the latest episode of Killing Eve….Argh!

Lots of new goodies this/last month…

Pins, patches and stickers:

I now have a bunch of pins, my very first woven patch featuring the Earp Sisters (!), a whole selection of vinyl stickers featuring all of your favourites (Wynonna Earp, Killing Eve, Motherland Fort Salem, Hawkeye, Dickinson…)

New prints + restocks:

Several new prints now available in my store, and a few re-stocks for you.

  • Anne and Ann Gentleman Jack

  • LumberHauht

  • Wayhaught - Bad Romance

  • Love and Handcuffs – Nicole Haught

  • Hailee Steinfeld in wonderland

  • Kate and Yelena - Hawkeye

  • Kate Bishop- Hawkeye

  • Riley in the closet – Happiest Season

  • Abby and Riley– Happiest Season

  • Emma Stone as Cruella


  • Hair of the Dog - Nicole Haught

  • Heroes Always Win - The Earp Squad

  • Stetson - Nicole Haught

  • Calamity Jane - Nicole and CJ

  • 13th Doctor - Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor

  • Officer Haught Rainbow


After some great feedback from existing patrons after receiving their first art in the mail packages, I decided to increase the number of ‘art in the mail’ slots for both my ‘Deputy’ and ‘Sheriff’ tiers from 15 to 20 each. As of right now, there are 2 Deputy slots left, and 4 Sheriff slots left. At these tiers, you’ll get the colouring pages, access to the Patrons-only store, a discount code for my regular store, and art in the mail every 2 months.

New items available for Patrons:

  • Wynonna and Doc A4 print

  • Haught as Hell - Nicole Haught Sticker

Restocks for Patrons:

  • Gooverly Kiss A4 print

  • Take My Hand - Taylor Swift A4 print

Patron Colouring pages:

I added a few new colouring pages this month - go and check them out!

  • Orphan Black – Helena

  • The Haunting of Bly Manor - Jamie

  • Black Widow - Natasha and Yelena

  • SurrealEstate - Zooey and Luke

  • Wynonna Earp - Tiny Sword

These additions bring the total available for download to 14, which should fulfil your colouring needs! (for now!)

If you’d like to support my at through Patreon, you can do so here: Hb0m8 on Patreon

Other news:

Did you spot my art in the BBC America / Killing Eve promo? So stoked to be included! In case you missed it: The Phenomenon

As always, If you have any suggestions for art or items you’d love to see, get in touch!

Currently watching: Killing Eve Season 4 / Yellowjackets Season 1 (expect art VERY soon!)

Currently listening to: Podcast: Full Body Chills

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