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The End.

Updated: Jan 30

Villanelle and Eve kissing in the final episode of Killing Eve
The End - Killing Eve


What can I say? I expected it... but that doesn't make it hurt any less. 💔

So, hear me out. I didn’t hate the finale of Killing Eve (controversial, I know…) so instead of writing about what I didn’t like about the last ever episode (gulp), I’ll mention a few things that I LOVED about it instead, in the order that they took place…

1. Eve up a tree (HAAA) – EVE IS SUCH A DORK. I love her.

2. V spinning Eve around. Such a chaotic Villanelle thing to do. Excellent scene.

3. The Aran knit sweater. Who knew?

4. The sleeping bag scene – and the scar stroke. Peak Villaneve perfection.

5. THE REVELS...and then the CURLY FRIES. Idiots. I love them.

6. THAT kiss. And the giggle walk/kiss. And Villanelle running around to Eve’s side of the van. We waited a long time for that, and I think the way they wrote it with the pre-kiss dorky peck on the cheek was perfect and very in character for Villanelle. I loved how tender and unrushed it was. I read it as ‘a kiss that anticipates more kisses’, and I love that description. They in loooove.

7. Pam being all like, No. Fuck you. Thanks for the coffee.

8. The other kiss. 

9. Officiating Eve (silly) and the Kintsugi reference (beautiful).

I’m going to leave it there and say, although heartbroken by the very ending, (I did kind of get it though - I was never expecting it to end 'happily'..) I thoroughly enjoyed the other parts that came before it.

“You’re a lot today”

“I’m a lot every day.”

ANYWAY, I’m finally emerging (read, slowly creeping) out of the other side of being poorly this week... not quite yet (emotionally) ready to leave my blanket fort… BUT I did have a new printer delivered tonight, and she's a beauty - so I had to test her out.

And here we have:

“The End.”

A4 Giclée print on 310gsm archival grade paper. (I’m a fancy pants now.)

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