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Eco-Crafts - Coptic Book Binding


Have you ever tried it? It's pretty easy once you find a good tutorial (this method is called coptic book binding - google is your friend!) and it's a great way to reuse materials that would otherwise be discarded.

I picked Coptic as it looked like the easiest method to start, and allows for the pages to be laid flat, which I prefer in a notebook/sketchbook!

For these books, I used the backboards of old sketchbooks for the covers, and I covered them in (nice!) scraps of wrapping paper I had lying around.

You can also create your own art for the front, if you like - like I did. (I'm enjoying playing around with Letterpress printing at the moment!)

You can use whatever paper you like inside - pages are grouped together and each group is called a 'signature'.

I created the rainbow spine effect by using different coloured paper for the outer page of each signature.

They make great gifts - everyone loves to receive handmade - especially if you personalise them to your recipient! 🥰

I made the first one to use as my daily journal for the #connectingwithcreativity retreat (more on this epic adventure later!) and #TaylorsVersion was a birthday gift for a beaut of a friend. 🌈

Want to give it a go?

You'll need:

+ Thread (preferably waxed - it'll last longer! You can wax the thread yourself, too.)

+ A needle

+ A craft knife

+ A ruler

+ A pencil

+ An awl (or 'bradawl') - for making holes

+ Sheets of paper for your inner pages

+ Hard board for the covers (You can buy these, but I prefer reusing the backboards of old notebooks)

+ Something to cover your book in - reuse wrapping paper, newspaper, art - whatever you feel like. + A good tutorial! Google 'Coptic book binding tutorial' or, follow this tutorial on wikihow - which is what I did.

Let me know if you do, I'd love to see!

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