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Fundraising news! (and other stuff..)

Updated: Feb 5

Been a while since I last wrote, and quite a few things exciting have happened!

Ghost River Triangle Con

First up, Ghost River Triangle Con weekend. I want to say a massive thank you to the organisers for having me feature on Artists Alley. I had such a lovely time meeting other Earpers and chatting about my art and the show. Thank you so much to those that came, and to those that bought prints!

I was lucky enough to participate in a gaming call with Dani fucking Kind (we played Drawful – hilarious..), a group call with the brilliant Emily Andras (lots of tea was spilled..), and I have a rescheduled 1-2-1 with Kat Barrell coming up! All very exciting.

Over the con weekend I pledged a portion of my print sales to donate to Toronto Humane Society (I chose THS as they are a charity close to Kat’s heart). I donated £5 per print, and also released a limited run of Kat and Bernie prints (30 in total and some still available!). For each one of these sold, I donated £10. So far, I’ve been able to donate $562 CAD on behalf of Earpers, and with more still coming in. As I said, there are still Kat and Bernie prints available, so if you’d like one – please grab one before they are all gone. I’ll be letting Kat know the total amount we’ve been able to raise when I’m able to talk to her…. So, let’s get those numbers up! (I'll publish the gran total soon!) - thank you SO MUCH to everyone that has contributed so far.

Bly Manor Zine

Last day to pre-order your Bly Manor charity zine!

Pre orders close tomorrow (Monday 15th) morning EST. So many amazing artists contributed to this zine! I think there are around 60 pages in total, and it’s for an amazing cause (Global Giving's Covid-19 relief fund) – so hop on it and get yours here if you haven’t already.

Also, I can’t stop drawing 4b fanart, send help.

Red Hair, Brown Eyes, Stetson - Nicole Haught
Sheriff Nicole Haught

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