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New prints online!

Updated: Feb 22, 2022


I thought I'd start a blog / news and updates area of the site where I can post any updates and let you know what projects I'm currently working on. I don't know if anyone will actually read it, or if that even matters - but I'm told that writing down your achievements is a good a way as any to positively reflect back on an otherwise shitty time. (Bloody Covid, right?!)

I might post some art process pics and tutorials here too at some point, as a few people have asked for them over on Instagram. If I'm completely honest I feel a little overwhelmed when people ask me for tips and advice - I'm self taught and definitely still learning my way around, so although its very flattering and I appreciate the compliment, I always feel like a bit of a fraud giving out advice to other people. (Also my methods are usually "try a bunch of stuff until something looks alright", and that's quite hard to get across in a step-by-step guide!) We'll see though, as I learn new things I'm sure I could probably put something together.

In shop news I have some brand new prints for December, as well as postcard sets, stickers and pins. I've got The Haunting of Bly Manor/ Hill House (I'm still thoroughly haunted by both shows..), some Fleabag, Killing Eve, The 100, OITNB, and some others that I can't remember off the top of my head because marketing is not my thing.. (best that you have a look around!)

In other news, The Official Amanda Fucking Palmer 2021 calendar is now available (my art is featured on the month of July!). This is super exciting to me as Amanda is one of my personal heroes. I've passionately followed her life and career since for...a lot of years. You can take a look/buy it here: Amanda Fucking Palmer 2021 Wall Calendar – Amanda Palmer UK/EU Store. There's a limited number available, and they are only available on the UK webstore. (Worldwide shipping is available, though.) Still pinching myself that my art was chosen to be showcased amongst the other super brilliant artists involved!

Because this is a blog:

Currently watching: The clock

Currently listening to: The Aces (becoming a little bit obsessed with this band, tbh..)

To finish off, here's a pic of my most popular Instagram post so far this year! It's crazy how much love this one has gotten (and by crazy, I mean bloody great.) I also hit 5k followers this month, which is beyond anything I ever imagined for myself. So if you're following, THANK YOU! I appreciate you.

Until next time, stay safe and keep warm! (Bloody cold, innit?!)

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